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Quick Reference Guide

Getting Started With
Article Galaxy References

The Fastest Way to Organize Your Hard Earned Knowledge. One unified solution to manage your journal articles, book chapters, patents, notes and more all within Article Galaxy.


Discover Articles

  1. Discover the articles you would like to add to Article Galaxy References. Users usually start their search via the built in Article Galaxy Search tool or by searching for already owned articles in their Company PDF Library. See More
    1. Article Galaxy search tool for discovering literature
    2. My Company PDF Library for articles your organization has access
    3. My Orders for just the articles you personally ordered
    4. Search box for searching by DOI, PubMed ID, or Keywords


  2. With Article Galaxy References, users can discover articles on virtually any platform or within any database that supports RIS files. Simply find the references you are interested in, export the items to RIS format and ‘Drag & Drop’ the file to Article Galaxy References.


Selecting Articles

Click on the selected article. This will show you the Article Details that provides you with a quick look and access to:

  1. Complete citation information
  2. Abstract Details (when available)
  3. Access Article Options
    Tip: Our Article Galaxy engine looks up all sourcing options to provide you with the fastest and most affordable option:
    1. Owned (Already exists in the Company PDF Library)
    2. Subscription
    3. Token
    4. Open access
    5. Purchase/Rent
  4. Publisher link to the article
    Tip: Articles sourced from Article Galaxy are all copyright-compliant and we work directly with publishers to give you the most affordable option for your literature needs
  5. PubMed link to the article for more detailed information
  6. Save Reference
  7. Check Re-use Rights

Article Galaxy provides you the data you need to make the best decision and option to acquire content. If you’re not ready to purchase, you can still continue to save and manage that citation so you never have to track it down again.

All articles ordered through Article Galaxy will automatically be added to Article Galaxy References.

Organizing References

After selecting one or more articles, saving them in folders and subfolders is an easy Drag & Drop.

  1. Create new folders by clicking the (+) symbol next to either My Folders or Shared Folders. My Folders contain folders and subfolders that are only visible to you.

  2. When creating a new folder, you have the option to Share Folder or leave this button unchecked if you’d like to keep it private. You can easily share this at a later date with a click of a button. See More
  3. Create subfolders by clicking the gear icon. Subfolders will appear below the folder, you have unlimited nesting within subfolders. See More

    Tip: All articles will be found on the top level folder and drill down to more specificity within each layer down.


  4. You can save an article to one or more folders via the Article Galaxy PDF Reader. See More

    a. Article PDF Viewer - Click on the Save Reference Button and select the folder and subfolders


    Tip: Article Galaxy is designed to let users easily collaborate, anytime we deliver a PDF to a user they will be able to save that article to any folder or subfolder, straight from the Article PDF Viewer.

    b. Drag articles from within any folder, search results or My Company PDF Library search results - select a single or multiple articles andDrag & Drop to the desired folder or subfolder


  5. You can also organize references by tags. Tags are like smart folders that filter by search terms you designate. You can type unlimited tags and the system recognizes previously created tags and will provide an auto populate option for a previously created tag. See More

    Tip: It’s easy to see how and where articles are saved on the Article Details page




Doing More On
Article Details Page

With Article Galaxy, you’re not limited to just the article PDF. Organize related information pertaining to that article by adding supplemental materials and notes directly from the Article Details Page.
Tip: From your folder or search results, it’s easy to spot articles that have a file associated, just look for the paperclip icon.

  1. Manually add in single articles, using the Add button. See More
  2. Enter the DOI or PubMed ID, and the Article Galaxy engine can automatically populate the rest of the fields. See More
  3. If that article is already in your PDF library, your search results will provide an ‘import from PDF library’ button. This is another way Article Galaxy helps you reduce duplicate purchases. See More
  4. Import RIS files to upload multiple citations. See More
  5. Or, Drag and Drop to your preferred folder. See More