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About Research
/ Reprints Desk

About Research Solutions- Reprints Desk

Research Solutions (NASDAQ: RSSS) is a pioneer in providing seamless access to scientific content.
We believe obtaining full-text scientific literature shouldn't be a hassle and it shouldn't break the bank.

Simplifying the Information Lifecycle

We help scientists and knowledge workers discover,
access, manage, and author scientific publications faster,
with better results.

More than 70% of the world's top pharmaceutical companies, prestigious universities, emerging life science firms, and other R&D driven companies rely on us for one-click access to scientific literature—delivered within seconds, right to the user's inbox.

Simplifying the Information Lifecycle collect, access, read, manage, author, submit

What About the Two Names?

Reprints Desk | Research Solutions

Founded in 2006, Reprints Desk started out by providing hard-copy medical reprints and delivering print journal articles on demand. In 2017, to meet customers’ evolving needs, the company shifted to a business model focused on electronic document delivery—and sold the medical reprints portion of the business.

Today, Research Solutions is a leading SaaS provider—powering Article Galaxy, the world's most popular document retrieval engine and research platform. Our dual company name, Research Solutions / Reprints Desk, represents our relentless commitment to progress and innovation, along with an homage to our early beginnings.

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Research Solutions queries data provided by Semantic Scholar, spanning over 200 million publications and around 2 billion citations, which lead to insightful discoveries and breakthroughs across R&D-driven industries.

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