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Immediately Access Any & All Content With Nebula

Nebula: Enterprise Search Software

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Unlock the value of all your scientific institutional knowledge with ResoluteAI’s powerful, machine learning and AI-driven enterprise search platform. Archival research, experiments, lab notes, market intelligence, technical documentation.


The Key to Unlocking Institutional Knowledge

Institutional knowledge is your company's greatest asset. But it’s often trapped in SharePoint, an ELN, Dropbox, Google Drive, or a product lifecycle management system. Nebula automatically indexes, tags, and categorizes all this knowledge using machine learning so you can find any piece of information- whether it’s in a video, a PDF, a webinar, a handwritten document, or an image or chart.

How did we help Aditxt Therapeutics, Inc. organize, categorize, and capitalize on decades old research in record time?

View the Aditxt Case Study


Resolute



Discover Buried Information

Find critical internal information trapped in any format with Nebula’s optical character recognition (OCR), image recognition, audio transcription, and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities. 




Analyze & Visualize Your Data

Choose how to visualize information with configurable data visualizations. There are a variety of chart options including line, bar, area, and spline charts along with tree maps, Sankey diagrams, and the ResoluteAI Network Graph (pictured here).


Extract Data From Multimedia Files

Capture insights from recorded presentations and experiments (audio transcription, image recognition, and OCR). Image recognition identifies diagrams, plots, graphs, technical drawings, and various objects containing valuable information from documents and video. OCR finds images in presentations and finds text that appears in images, videos, and handwritten documents.



Nebula_public info mash with effectsCorroborate Internal Research

Confirm experiment data and fill existing gaps in knowledge by finding complementary information in the public domain available through ResoluteAI's Foundation datasets.



Problems Nebula Solves

  • Accessibility & Findability

  • Post-Merger Integration

  • Data

  • Uncover

  • Regulatory Submissions

Instantly Access Previously Unsearchable Content

With everything indexed by NLP, image recognition, OCR, and audio transcription, previously unsearchable content is available instantaneously.

Enhanced Synergy with Newly Acquired Research Team

Organize and understand the acquired company’s research and experimental history to better integrate its research team and accelerate collaboration and ROI.

Effectively Bridge Data & Research

Consolidate data and research from disparate repositories as Nebula applies consistent, structured metadata to facilitate search and discovery.

Finding Both Internal & External Experts

It’s easy to identify subject matter experts within your organization once all your research has been indexed and can be searched. Match internal experts with external Key Opinion Leaders using the Resolute Research Network.

Accelerate Completion of Regulatory Submissions

Quickly retrieve required submission information and automatically categorize content based on specific agency headings and hierarchies.

Nebula's Key Features

Expansion-RS-OrangeInstant, Developer-Free Deployment

Nebula processes content quickly and automatically without needing internal IT resources. What was previously valuable and unsearchable becomes searchable and usable within hours or days.

NLP-RS-OrangeFull AI/ML Magic Applied To Your Content

NLP applies tags and categories to all your content so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for and drill down to specific answers. OCR makes handwritten notes findable and indexes the labels of charts and graphs in a PowerPoint or a video. Image recognition identifies images, plots, tables, and other items that would otherwise be impossible to find. Audio transcription lets you search through webinars and videos to discover the exact moment when the information you need is mentioned.

Search-RS-OrangeData Visualizations & Analytics

Nebula comes with a full suite of analytic tools and visualization options so you can better understand your research and share your findings and analysis with colleagues.

Analytic-RS-OrangeRobust API

Make your internal information available anywhere using our robust API. Conduct a search and have results appear in another application.

Learn More About Enterprise Search

General Questions

What is enterprise search?

Enterprise search solutions allow a defined set of users to access and search multiple resources, such as databases and intranets, within a single platform. For organizations with information stored across multiple databases and platforms, an enterprise search engine is invaluable. As a result, organizations with an effective solution in place are more productive, innovative, and profitable.

The capabilities of enterprise search, however, are not limited to finding and assembling information. Artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive learning are pioneering new frontiers in enterprise search as organizations seek more powerful ways to collaborate and drive innovation throughout their operations.

Why invest in an enterprise search solution?

There’s a high cost associated with not finding the right information.

In commercial science organizations, this problem is much more severe, because the product - whatever it might be - is based on the information that employees are constantly trying to find. And while in all industries there’s a mix of unstructured and structured data; in scientific organization both types of data are critical and may be hidden in different file formats. A well-deployed enterprise search tool can improve the productivity of scientists, medical affairs personnel, compliance and risk officers and others because previously difficult to access information is made readily available. 

Speed leads to competitive advantage.

Nebula organizes, tags, categorizes, recognizes, and connects your most valuable information assets. Benefits include faster, more efficient research; improved collaboration; elimination of duplicative work;  acceleration of regulatory submissions; and better understanding of your own archival research. With Nebula you can find any piece of information you’ve created in the past.

• Accelerate discovery
• Facilitate collaboration
• Expedite new scientist onboarding
• Preserve vital knowledge generated through research and experimentation
• Finding and understanding acquired intellectual property

Why choose ResoluteAI's enterprise search software?

Enterprise search is a rapidly growing market and there are products that meet different market needs. Nebula is a vertical enterprise search engine for the scientific industry.

Vertical enterprise search engines are domain specific. This means they have been developed and optimized to handle queries in a certain domain with greater accuracy and precision. The are vertical enterprise search engines for law, finance, and science, and an entire subcategory for eCommerce. 

Nebula has been designed and trained specifically for scientific documents. In other words, the documents its AI has been trained on are scientific in nature. Plus, the enterprise search platform can handle data formats used in the industry. For example a scientific organization may have text documents, PowerPoint presentations, videos, and lots of graphs, tables, and charts. Nebula would let you find a chart in a PowerPoint by searching for the label of the Y-axis.  That’s something a scientist may need to find, but a lawyer may not.

How does ResoluteAI's enterprise search tools work?

ResoluteAI's enterprise search tool, Nebula, securely ingests content from SharePoint, Azure, Dropbox, ELNs, product lifecycle management tools and dozens of other storage mediums.

Then we apply our special mix of artificial intelligence and machine learning - NLP, OCR, image recognition, and transcription - to index all the content regardless of format - text, audio, video, images, handwritten notes.

Users access information through our advanced search tools that use semantic expansion, conceptual attribute search, and several scientific ontologies including MeSH and PubChem.

Search results can be visualized, analyzed, and connected to external information sources.

Ready To See A Tour Of Nebula?

Experience the incredible capabilities of our AI-powered tools and connect with an expert to see Foundation and Nebula in action. Our dedicated team is eager to demonstrate how our products can elevate your research.

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