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New: Technology Landscape Module

From Months to Minutes - Fast, Reliable Technology Reports


Our Technology Landscape Module creates trustworthy reports, quickly and efficiently, by combining an intuitive workflow, leveraging advanced AI, visual analytics tools, and enriched data from multiple sources, including proprietary datasets.


Drive Efficiency & Productivity Across The Tech Scouting Process

The module's advanced AI algorithms continuously scan and gather information from trusted sources to identify emerging technologies. It provides a comprehensive overview of their potential and current stage of development. The data collected is systematically organized for quick analysis and evaluation. Additionally, the module facilitates technology mapping and generates concise reports for a deeper understanding of the technology landscape.


Streamlined, Intuitive Technology Landscape Workflow

  • Market Monitoring & Trend Analysis

  • Networking & Information Gathering

  • Initial Technology

Powered By A Vast, Global Network
Of Vetted Datasets

Continuously monitor the market, industry reports, scientific publications, and patent filings to discover emerging trends, technologies, and potential innovation opportunities.

With heatmaps and input flexibility, get a 10K foot view of large quantities of data to swiftly identify trends and control visualization.

We ensure full access to the latest information, including proprietary datasets, from: Publications, Patents, Clinical Trials, Grants, and Technology Transfer Opportunities (TTO).

Adding Value To A Growing Base
Of Researchers

Establish and maintain relationships with key entities such as startups, research institutions, and other technology developers to gather in-depth information and insights on emerging technologies.

  • An intuitive workflow that replaces the traditional, cumbersome "search and save" process.
  • By actively removing noise and hallucinations, Generative AI ensures a focused and accurate outcome, delivering an improved user experience using only chosen references.
  • COMING SOON: scite advanced metrics assist in navigating this complex landscape, providing an in-depth understanding of the impact and credibility of new advancements.

Align Emerging Technologies With
Strategic Business Goals

Conduct preliminary assessments of identified technologies based on criteria, such as relevance, to your company's needs, technological feasibility, and potential impact to shortlist promising technologies. 

This solution enables businesses to drive rapid innovation and maintain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving world of technology. By enhancing data and delivering accurate and dependable technology reports, it facilitates strategic planning and ensures sustained success.

Trusted By Today's Top R&D-Driven Organizations



Efficient Time & Resource Management

Technologists need to be able to analyze and evaluate various technologies efficiently. By equipping teams with the tools they need to generate high-quality, in-depth reports, we can save you weeks, even months, worth of time and allow you to focus your budget on strategic initiatives that truly matter.

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Need Support In Streamlining Your
Technology Scouting Process?

Achieve more with advanced AI algorithms to power rapid innovation
and stay ahead of the competition.


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