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Activate Article Galaxy Widget for Your Organization

Introducing Article Galaxy Widget

Article Galaxy Widget is a versatile browser plug-in that works on 70+ popular discovery websites. Easily injected into your browser bar, the Article Galaxy Widget instantly transforms flat search results on PubMed, Google Scholar, and other discovery portals, extracting all citations for simplified viewing and filtering.

3 Steps to Supercharge Your Literature Search

Download this pocket guide, brimming with tips and tactics to enhance your literature search!

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Seamless Access

With a single click of a button, access, buy or rent any scientific document directly from your search results with a shopping-cart like user experience. Save time when sourcing research papers by taking advantage of these benefits:

  • Get purchase and rental options for any citation

  • Filter for lowest cost access, including subscriptions and Open Access

  • Gain insight into the popularity of papers with Altmetric scores

  • Integrate with reference management tools such as EndNote or Bibliogo


How It Works

The widget is easy to deploy, requires no IT support, and is accessible via any Internet browser. Simply inject it into your browser bar and see your flat search results come to life.

Is Article Galaxy Widget Right for You?

Article Galaxy Widget is designed for users in organizations with an enterprise license agreement for pre-authorized article purchases. Don’t have an enterprise account? Learn how Article Galaxy can help your organization streamline scientific literature access.

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Article Galaxy Widget Works With
These Discovery Tools and More:

  • AAAS

  • ACS

  • AIP

  • Akademiai Kiado

  • AMA

  • Annual Reviews

  • APA PsycNet

  • APS

  • arXiv

  • Bentham

  • BioMed Central

  • BioOne

  • BMJ

  • Cambridge University Press

  • CiteseerX

  • citeulike

  • DeepDyve

  • Elsevier (Science Direct)

  • Elsevier (Scopus)

  • Future Medicine

  • Future Science

  • Google Scholar

  • Highwire

  • IEEE Xplore

  • Informaworld

  • IngentaConnect

  • IOPscience

  • J-Stage


  • Karger

  • LancetJournals

  • LWW

  • Mary Ann Libert

  • Nature

  • NEJM

  • OUP (Oxford University Press)

  • PLoS

  • PNAS

  • PubMed

  • PubMed Central

  • RePEc

  • ResearchGATE

  • Royal Scociety of Chemistry

  • SAGE

  • Science

  • SPIE

  • Springer

  • Taylor & Francis

  • TDNet Discover

  • Thieme

  • Web of Science

  • Wiley Worldcat