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Quick Reference Guide

How to Rent a Document

Article Galaxy, Research Solutions’ powerful research platform, allows you to rent a document before purchasing it. Rental fees can be fully applied to the purchase price when upgrading to the full document purchase.


Rent From the Article Galaxy Home Page

  1. Enter the DOI, PubMed ID or search term into the search bar and click 'SEARCH'. See More
  2. a. If entering a DOI or PubMed ID, you will be directed to the Article Details page.
    b. If entering a search term, you will be shown a list of articles and access options for each one. Select the article you want.

  3. Click 'REQUEST PDF'. By default, Article Galaxy offers you the lowest-cost access option. The system filters first for availability via your PDF library, open access, subscriptions, and tokens. If none of those options are available to you, you will be shown the purchase price, as well as a 3-day rental option if available.
  4. If the article is available to rent, click '3-Day Rental'. See More
  5. Click 'START' to begin downloading your article.
  6. If available for instant viewing, the PDF will open in the Article Galaxy PDF reader.
  7. You will receive an email link to access the article online, which is valid for 72 hours. 


Where to View
Your Rented Articles

  1. Select 'My Orders' from menu - you will be taken to your order history page.

  2. You will be shown acquired literature from the last 30 days.

  3. You can also access your rental via the link in your order confirmation email. 

Rental Viewing Details

  1. Use the Article Galaxy PDF reader to view the document online.

  2. The remaining rental time displays in the top left corner of your screen.

  3. To upgrade to a full purchase at any time, click 'Upgrade' in top corner of your screen. See More

Document Rental Terms

  1. The rental is valid for a period of 72 hours after first access. First access must occur within 2 weeks of ordering.

  2. Rentals are for online viewing only. You will not be allowed to download or print the document.

  3. You can upgrade to a full PDF purchase during the rental period or in a subsequent 3-day grace period. The full rental price will be applied to your purchase.

    Document rental is a great function to test if a PDF document includes what you need—either for regulatory or research purposes. It also helps to reduce document acquisition costs and optimize your budget.