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Asked Questions

What is Article Galaxy Scholar?

We are very excited to be offering this software solution for academic libraries to better manage and automate article requests. Article Galaxy Scholar is a tool that refers end-users to open access versions, article purchase, or ILL options to fulfill their full-text needs from across most major publishers.

When will it be available?

It is now available to a select group of academic institutions. Contact Tony Landolt if you’re interested in a preview or demo of the platform.

What content does it cover?

The service will include articles from more than 30,000 journals from leading European and North American publishers. The full online journal catalog of most participating publishers will be included; there are no embargoes.

What about open access, how is that included?

In addition to facilitating discovery and access of paywalled journal articles, Article Galaxy Scholar integrates the Unpaywall service to filter for open access (OA) articles. This expands your library’s search results and provides your users with in-demand resources from the world’s leading academic publishers. (The OA feature can be switched off, if you prefer.)

How do I integrate with my link resolver?

Link resolver setup is entirely under the library’s control. We recommend you make AGS the target for those journals your library would like our service to handle. That can include any title from our collection of journals. We have experience working with all major library service providers, including ProQuest, TDNet, WTCox, and EBSCO.

Will AGS require a lot of setup by me or my library staff?

Setup is simple and we’re here to help. We believe the more you customize AGS to automate your library's fulfillment and request mediation, the more time and money you stand to save in the future. The setup time required really depends on the number of custom settings and the total number of titles you would like the service to support. 

Can I customize what patrons / end users see?

Yes, you can add your university logo, library contact information, and modify text specific to your campus programs and policies (editable fields support hyperlinks, OpenURL linking, and unicode characters for translated text).

Linking behavior and the display layer is entirely under the library's control. Where openURL links appear in your library discovery layer, you may wish to present something like “Full-text options” or “Check for access.”

I hear you’ll be able to control delivery options for specific users or user types?

Yes, end-user profiles and settings will be managed directly by librarians via an administrative interface in our system, bypassing direct feeds from existing user registry systems and any related privacy concerns. Single sign-on (SSO) support is being considered for future development.

Can it gate requests based on the number of transactions or money spent?

Libraries will be able to configure doc-del order thresholds by user and title (i.e. CONTU guidelines). To start, we plan to offer a simple interface for libraries to configure preferred users, publishers / journals, and other cost controls, with reporting by article request and purchases.

How much does it cost?

The annual software subscription fee is based upon an institution’s number of users and customization requirements. From now through July 1st, we will be offering an introductory flat rate for early adopters.

What are the prices for articles?

The cost of an article includes a service fee (list price = $5) and a copyright royalty paid to the publisher. Many articles from major publishers are at a price which is discounted from the publisher’s paywall or other royalty payment options. The remainder have prices which should match or be similar to the publisher’s paywall. Publishers have the right to change pricing any time they want to, though typically they only change prices at the beginning of each calendar year.

Who do I contact if I am interested?

Contact Tony Landolt if you’re interested in a preview or demo of the platform.

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