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Introducing Article Galaxy+, an exclusive offering for small and medium-sized physical science companies. With an Article Galaxy+ subscription, qualifying companies* with fewer than 100 R&D staff can enjoy all the benefits of Research Solutions’ award-winning article delivery engine—PLUS immediate access to Springer Nature’s full collection of ebooks and Nature journals**


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Your Benefits with Article Galaxy+

Article Galaxy Enterprise

  • Affordable access to 80 million+ journal articles in seconds
  • Enterprise-wide cost savings
  • Copyright-compliant PDF library with duplicate purchase protection

Article Galaxy+

  • Preloaded access to 100+ Nature-branded journals
  • Preloaded access to book chapters from 250,000 Springer eBooks
  • Reduced pricing on preloaded Springer Nature content

What’s in It for You?

An exclusive packaged offering, Article Galaxy+ includes immediate access to Springer Nature’s vast collection of ebooks and Nature-branded journals—along with an annual subscription to the Article Galaxy research platform.

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About the Article Galaxy Research Platform

More than 70% of the world’s leading research companies rely on Article Galaxy’s award-winning document delivery engine for one-click access to scientific, technical, and medical (STM) content.

Highlights include:

  • Full-text journal or book content 24/7
  • Lowest cost acquisition filters to optimize spending
  • Open Access filters and subscription linkouts
  • Native PDFs delivered in under a minute