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May 19, 2020

Design Tweaks, Browser Compatibility, and 10-Day Forecasting

Posted by: Release Notes

In this release, the World Weather Viewer gained a 10-day forecasting capability to help you plan when to get outside. Additionally, user interface design and cross-browser compatibility improvements were deployed for a handful of Gadgets: Oligos DesignerORF Finder, Protein Interaction Searcher, and  Sequence Annotator.

World Weather Viewer

In response to a customer request, 10-day forecasting was added to the World Weather Viewer Gadget. As usual, you can follow today's weather in up to five cities at once, and now you can also take a peek at what's on the way.

World Weather Viewer 10-Day Forecast

User Interface and Browser Compatibility Improvements

The following Gadgets received user interface design improvements and modifications to improve the user experience in IE11:

  • Oligos Designer
  • ORF Finder
  • Protein Interaction Searcher
  • Sequence Annotator