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Release Notes

March Roundup: Refined Account Management, Author Enhancements, and More

March 30, 2023

The Research Solutions Team is dedicated to giving customers the best experience possible. We're constantly improving our platform to give customers the power and efficiency they need - so that no obstacle is too big, or any task too daunting! Our goal? To help you reach your full potential and achieve more faster than ever before.

Article Galaxy Refinements Keep Admins in The Drivers’ Seat  

  •  Enhanced Account Management Means Administrators Can Add New Users & Edit Existing Users 

With this release, client Administrators can now enjoy the ability to quickly add new users and update existing user profiles from their Article Galaxy Admin UI. From here on out, they no longer need assistance from our Customer Support team - giving internal teams more time for other priorities! Best of all: admins also have the flexibility to "deactivate" users in a few simple clicks. Be advised that while admins have the power to deactivate users, they can't permanently remove users. This proactive approach ensures that accounts remain in place to reactivate if needed!

Note: This functionality is not applicable to Article Galaxy Scholar.


  •  Focus Your Search to Get the Best Results

Article Galaxy search has been enhanced to focus users search results on Journal Articles and Book Chapters, enabling users to now get more relevant results with a few simple clicks! Not only that, but no longer will they need to sift through obscure literature; instead get the most helpful citations right away. Get ready for an easier search experience and improved quality in your keyword searches.



  •  Easily Acquire & Manage Articles Directly from Your SciFinder Search 

With an upgraded Browser Extension, users of SciFinder can effortlessly discover and incorporate valuable scientific knowledge into their web-browsing experience.

Our customers now have more opportunities than ever before to access a wider range of content through our Browser Extension functionality. This improvement also helps users easily manage their references and content with the Article Galaxy platform.


  •  Outlook Add-In Receives UI & Citation Styles Performance Improvements

We have made sure to prioritize user experience by implementing UI improvements like scroll bar usability, search field design and messaging. This way our users can enjoy an effortless workflow with comprehensive accessibility and an engaging experience.

Specifically, the citation styles feature has undergone a major performance boost, allowing it to load faster and significantly enhance user experience. This improvement is critical - users now can select their desired citations with ease while using Outlook for scientific content sharing.

  •  AI-Enabled Article Recommendation Through Article Galaxy Browser Extension

Our latest widget upgrade leverages an AI-driven algorithm to help you access rich scientific content with lightning speed! Just provide a citation and watch as the app automatically finds related articles for quick, easy exploration. Unlock new levels of knowledge right at your fingertips.


You’ve Been Heard: Improved Performance to Fit Your Needs

  • New Author-Related Enhancements for Streamlined Citations

Inspired by our user feedback, we've taken significant strides towards enhancing the author information in Article Galaxy References.  Now, when a user drags & drops items from their Company PDF Library or My Orders section, complete author information will be available for that reference. Additionally, when a user adds a single citation to Article Galaxy References with only a DOI or PubMed ID, the complete citation information is automatically included for all authors. Lastly, when a user drags & drops a pdf from their computer to Article Galaxy References, the complete citation will be looked up and all authors will automatically be added when a DOI or PubMed ID can be found in the PDF. 

The good news is...all authors can now be found quickly and easily! Plus, users have options to choose if they want to overwrite existing citation information with new data.


Drag & Drop PDF


Company PDF Library


My Orders Section


PubMed ID

  •  Improved Organization & Control While Managing Tags

Our Tag Manager has been upgraded to provide an even better user experience - with the Auto-complete feature now allowing customers to choose from suggested options rather than automatically selecting initial options. This customizability will help users pick out precisely what they need, while organizing their references efficiently.


What’s On the Horizon?

  • Get Ready: Our RSS Feeds Reader Project Is Nearly Complete

With relentless determination and focus, our RSS Feeds Reader project is nearing the home stretch! This amazing new feature will make it easier than ever to stay up to date with all the literature and content you care about. Subscribe and follow your favorite RSS feeds right in our app - no searching required. Stay tuned!

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