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Building A More Intuitive Path to Scholarly Content Access

Research Solutions|Marketing Team
Research Solutions|Marketing Team
June 6, 2024
2 min read

The pace of scientific and technological advancements is accelerating, requiring researchers, educators, librarians, scholars all to stay up to date with the latest findings to conduct their work. Efficient and cost-effective access to the most current research is crucial for unhindered innovation and development at the pace demanded.

To address this pressing need, a new partnership between SirsiDynix and Research Solutions is set to redefine the way these academics and professionals navigate their article fulfillment process and literature acquisition workflows.

At the heart of this partnership lies the integration of SirsiDynix’s CloudSource+ and Research Solutions’ Article Galaxy Scholar. Both platforms offer innovative approaches to content delivery and access, eliminating barriers, reducing the time spent on acquiring resources, and allowing more time for actual research and analysis.

CloudSource+ is designed to optimize and simplify the discovery of Open Access content. Article Galaxy Scholar complements this by providing a swift and reliable gateway to a vast collection of scholarly literature, ensuring that researchers have immediate access to the information they need.

Maximizing Access & Efficiency for Academic Researchers

The seamless integration of these platforms presents numerous advantages for academic researchers. Libraries using CloudSource+ can now direct patrons to full-text open access content before exploring licensed materials, thus prioritizing freely available resources.

If the required article is not accessible through open access, Article Galaxy Scholar steps in, delivering full-text PDFs directly to researchers’ inboxes within minutes. This rapid delivery system minimizes downtime and enhances research productivity.

In addition to providing academic researchers with quick and intuitive access to their required material, the partnership equips CloudSource+ and Article Galaxy Scholar customers with strategies to enhance their collections and achieve significant cost savings. Some of the key benefits customers can expect include:

•  Effective budget forecasting, with tools to monitor purchasing thresholds and gain insights from timely usage data.
•  Customizable settings for users, journals, publishers, and purchasing, enabling libraries to anticipate and meet diverse content needs.
•  Reduced article spending, as all Article Galaxy Scholar materials are fulfilled at the lowest possible acquisition cost.

This focus on cost-efficiency is especially critical in an environment where library budgets are continually under pressure. By combining resources, SirsiDynix and Research Solutions aim to support libraries in their quest to provide high-quality, cost-effective resources to their communities, with the mutual goal of eliminating barriers to access and reducing subscription costs.

Democratizing Access to Scholarly Content

This partnership bridges the gap between Open Access and paid content, empowering research and knowledge dissemination on a global scale. It underscores a commitment to enhancing academic exploration and highlights the transformative potential of collaborative innovation in scholarly publishing.

The advantages of this partnership go beyond immediate benefits. It represents a forward-thinking approach to scholarly content management, with both organizations dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation. Researchers, academic institutions, and R&D-driven organizations will greatly benefit from this alliance, which offers a comprehensive solution for managing and fulfilling their scholarly content needs.

Inside Look: Innovative Solutions for Research Access & Discovery

We’re excited to provide you with more insights into how the integration of CloudSource+ and Article Galaxy Scholar is transforming scholarly content access and discovery. Join us for an exclusive webinar where we’ll explore how these tools collaborate for enhanced research efficiency and cost-effectiveness at your institution.

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    Research Solutions|Marketing Team


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