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Webinar Series
Making The Most of LLMs for Research:
Understand Benefits, Pitfalls, and
Tradeoffs with ChatGPT and Scite Assistant

  Live via Zoom
 June 20th & June 26th 


Discover the Power of LLMs in Research

Join us for an exclusive webinar series designed to help researchers, scientists, academics, and enthusiasts harness the full potential of Large Language Models (LLMs) . This series will dive into how to effectively integrate these powerful tools into your research workflows by giving you a stronger understanding of how these tools work, where they’re not so great, and how you can become more efficient with them. 

Part 1: Exploring LLM Use Cases: Effective Research with ChatGPT and Scite Assistant 

June 20th at 10 am CST

  • Overview of LLMs for Research: Explore various use cases of LLMs like ChatGPT in the research domain. 
  • Identifying Pitfalls: Understand the limitations and challenges of using ChatGPT as a research tool. 
  • Introducing Scite Assistant: Learn how Scite Assistant can address these pitfalls and enhance your research. 
  • Effective Utilization: Gain insights into leveraging Scite Assistant for different types of research tasks. 
  • Structured Responses Mode: Discover the existing and upcoming features of the “Structured Responses” mode in Scite Assistant. 

Part 2: Trust and Reliability in Research: Make the most of Scite Assistant 

June 26th at 11 am CST 

  • Task Suitability: Identify the types of research and learning tasks Scite Assistant excels at, along with examples of effective and ineffective prompts.
  • Discovery Workflow Integration: See how Scite Assistant can be the cornerstone of your discovery and synthesis workflow and its integration with other Scite features.
  • Maximizing Results: Learn strategies for using scite Search and Assistant to achieve better research outcomes.
  • Prompting Examples: Walk away with actionable prompting examples to improve the outcomes when using LLMs. 

Reserve your spot now and transform the way you approach research with LLMs and Scite Assistant! 


Ashish@300x-8 Ashish Uppala
CTO at Scite


julia-op Julia Heesen | Moderator
Director - Growth Marketing at Research Solutions

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