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Similar Evidence, Different Applications: Insights into Health Economic and Regulatory Literature Reviews

Watch our on-demand webinar in which we will explore the issues associated with traditional manual and spreadsheet workflows in the context of HEOR dossiers and Clinical Evaluation Reports (CERs).

Our expert speakers, Keith Kallmes, President and Founder at Nested Knowledge, and Robert Radloff, Director of Product Development at Research Solutions and Founder of Curedatis, will shed light on the challenges that professionals face using these outdated systems. They will delve into the risks of errors, inefficiency, and delays that come with these methodologies. Importantly, they will demonstrate faster, more efficient approaches to living systematic literature reviews and meta-analyses

The webinar will kick off with a brief introduction of Nested Knowledge, an AI-powered evidence synthesis and clinical data visualization platform, and Research Solutions, followed by an overview of HEOR and CER. The speakers will then highlight the flaws of current methodologies, demonstrating these in the context of manual workflows and spreadsheet usage. They will introduce Curedatis and its processes, a welcome alternative to these outdated systems.  

Subsequently, the focus will shift to the exciting partnership between Nested Knowledge and Research Solutions. The speakers will demonstrate the integration of Article Galaxy and Scite into the AutoLit workflow, and discuss when and why different literature applications are needed.  

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