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Release Notes

2023 Roundup: AI Integrations, Admin Upgrades, Re-Use Rights Simplification, and More

January 4, 2024

Reflecting on a year of innovation and growth, it's remarkable to see how our platform has continually adapted and evolved to meet your unique needs and complexities that researchers regularly encounter. Leveraging our in-depth understanding of research frameworks and workflows, we’ve executed constant enhancements and refinements throughout 2023, ensuring that research teams remain at the cutting edge of their respective domains.

Here's a look back at the significant progress we made in 2023 in our pursuit of revolutionizing the research landscape.

Leveraging the Latest Tech to Enhance Research & Boost Results

  • AI-Generated Article Summaries: Quickly Filter Through Articles & Discover What’s Most Relevant

One of our new AI integrations (powered by Semantic Scholar) allows users to easily access crucial information from articles in a single concise paragraph summary. This innovative feature in Article Galaxy enables users to save time and scan articles more efficiently than ever before, making literature searching and reviewing a breeze.

2023_Roundup_01_AI-Generated Article Summaries

  • ChatGPT Integration: Empowering Researchers & Amplifying Output 

Also in 2023, we excitedly announced the launch of our new series of integrated ChatGPT functionalities, offering valuable insights and bringing a range of benefits wherever you explore citation information.

With just one click, you can use "Ask ChatGPT" to instantly generate concise and detailed article reviews, providing quick insights for your research. You can also discover similar articles suggested by ChatGPT, giving you access to a wealth of related content. Additionally, by selecting the ChatGPT-powered prompts, you can learn more about an article's author(s). And if you're looking for key findings and conclusions, ChatGPT can provide them with ease.

2023_Roundup_02_ChatGPT Integration

2023_Roundup_02_ChatGPT Integration-2

To further explore these state-of-the-art AI functionalities or if you have questions about leveraging these features most effectively, simply contact your Account Manager. If you're uncertain about who your Account Manager is, feel free to contact our customer support team at customersupport@reprintsdesk.com.

Additionally, to provide clarity and transparency, we've updated our system to allow users to access comprehensive information about our AI integration and data interaction.

Learn more about our AI integration and access additional details right here.

Thank you for being a part of our journey as we strive to bring value to your work through innovative AI solutions.

  • Tailored Article Recommendations: Serving Related Content Along Your Literature Acquisition Journey

AI-powered recommended literature will now be accessible throughout various stages of the user's journey. Whether searching for articles, acquiring them, or after submitting an order, users will have access to this valuable resource. This new feature can be found on the Article Detail page, Search Results, Order Confirmation page, and our Outlook Add-In.

By automatically discovering recommended articles relevant to their areas of interest, users can enhance their research process and delve deeper into their fields of study.

2023_Roundup_03_Tailored Article Recommendations

Cross-Platform PDF Viewer

We also introduced a user-friendly sidebar in the PDF Viewer of Article Galaxy and Article Galaxy References. It allows easy display or hiding with a single click of the "menu" button. The sidebar showcases citation information and a list of recommended articles. Seamlessly connecting users to interesting articles, it streamlines the ordering process, making it quicker and more efficient. Access article details and place your order effortlessly with just one click.



  • Article Galaxy Browser Extension: Providing AI-Enabled Article Recommendations

Last year, we introduced a new browser upgrade, powered by an AI-driven algorithm, that transforms your access to valuable scientific content. Simply provide a citation and witness the app seamlessly discover related articles, enabling effortless exploration. Experience unparalleled levels of knowledge - right at your fingertips.


  • AI-Powered Third-Party Integration: Seamless Delivery, Where & When You Want It

Customers accessing Article Galaxy through third-party integrations, like Thieme, IOP, or PubMed, will now enjoy an enhanced experience on our landing page before logging in. We've introduced AI-generated article summaries (powered by Semantic Scholar), along with comprehensive citation and abstract information (where available), and convenient article access options. With these improvements, users can confidently acquire the articles they need, knowing they are in the right place.


A Series of Powerful Admin Enhancements for Optimized Control & Improved Performance

  • Expanded Functionality: Keeping Admins in The Drivers’ Seat

We spent the past year enhancing our Article Galaxy Admin UI to empower our Administrative Users with greater control over their environments. Admins now have the capability to efficiently manage and personalize Account Settings, aligning them with specific business needs. This added functionality offers increased flexibility, enabling Admins to promptly adjust settings in response to evolving business requirements.

Key features include:

•    Quick and easy customization of General Settings
•    Dashboard resource display based on business needs or usage trends
•    Ability to create and edit PDF Library Tags for automatic literature organization (Article Galaxy References)
•    Company shared folders creation and deployment across the entire organization (Article Galaxy References)
•    Creation and deployment of custom fields across the entire organization (Article Galaxy References)

Our platform provides admins with self-service functionality and a variety of customizable settings and tools, empowering them to optimize their systems for maximum efficiency and fully leverage the capabilities of our platform.

Please Note: This expanded functionality is exclusively available for our corporate Article Galaxy customers (Article Galaxy Basic, Standard, Professional). Additionally, relevant features will be activated according to the type of account.


  • Modify PDF Library Tags to Streamline Literature Organization for Admins

In 2023, we introduced a significant enhancement for our Administrator Users. Now, Admins can effortlessly edit and modify tags in their PDF Library. This allows for precise corrections and additions to the PDF Library Tags, resulting in a more intelligent and organized collection of scientific literature.

Make the most of our system's automatic organization by utilizing assigned tags and revolutionize your library management like never before.

Please Note: This functionality is only available for Article Galaxy Professional customers.  


New Features for Streamlining Intricate Compliance & Re-Use Permissions

  • Re-Use Rights: Access Compliance Information Quickly & Easily

Say goodbye to copyright worries!

To ensure seamless accessibility throughout your entire workflow, you can now easily check the re-use rights in both the Company PDF Library and My Orders section. This feature empowers you to effortlessly reference and manage your owned articles, as well as review previous orders for better-informed purchasing decisions.

Note: This functionality is only available to customers who have licensed the Re-Use Rights feature. 



  • Custom Enhancements: Re-Use UI Developments to Address Unique Needs

We collaborate with our customers to address their unique challenges, utilizing our profound understanding of innovation and research workflows. By partnering with Publishers and integrating with reproduction rights organizations (RROs), as well as leveraging Open Access datasets, we delve deeper to assist our users in comprehending article re-use rights for the content they require.

Throughout the past year, we have finalized custom requests that expand our functionality in re-use rights, providing a more comprehensive understanding of the legal re-use of literature. Achieve breakthroughs with confidence and efficiency through our tailored solutions.

  • Intended Use Workflows: Improved Clarity for Article Reusability

When it comes to compliance, the primary consideration is how the copyrighted material will be utilized. We have made significant improvements to enhance clarity regarding the reusability of articles. Our Re-use Insights function collaboratively with customers' Annual Copyright Licenses (ACLs), encompassing direct agreements with publishers and integration with Open Access publications. This seamless integration provides immediate access to comprehensive information regarding the permissibility of using the article as intended.

Leveraging our extensive knowledge of innovation and research workflows, we strive to offer the most optimal solution possible.

Key Updates for an Unparalleled User Experience and Efficient Research

  • RSS Feed Reader: Consolidate Critical Content & Stay Informed with The Latest Literature Updates

Experience the convenience of having everything at your fingertips - no more endless searching for literature.

In 2023, we introduced our RSS Feed Reader integrated into Article Galaxy References. With just a few clicks, you can now explore captivating content daily and effortlessly order articles directly from the RSS reader.

The range of functionalities include:

•    Effortlessly add or edit RSS Feeds
•    Easily mark individual feed items as unread
•    On-demand refresh of data feed
•    View feeds in a clean grid layout and access article details with a single click
•    Seamlessly drag and drop citations from feeds to personal and shared folders
•    Perform keyword and author searches within the RSS feed
•    Copy citation information to clipboard
•    Check article re-use rights directly from the feed
•    Get an overview of the total number of items in the selected RSS feed

With the Article Galaxy Feed Reader, unlock a wealth of insights from PubMed, individual publisher sites, and more - a comprehensive library at your disposal! The RSS Reader offers a simple and effective method for discovering captivating real-time insights within the literature that matters most to you.

Note: Currently, the RSS Feed Reader will be available as part of Article Galaxy Professional users only.



  • Custom Fields: Extract & Track Key Information to Expedite Research & Collaborate with Peers

Last year, we were thrilled to announce the successful implementation of Global Custom Fields in Article Galaxy References.

Administrators now have the ability to create Global Custom Fields that align with your company's priorities and apply them universally across all users and folders in their account. These fields empower researchers to extract and track any necessary information, expediting their research process and fostering collaboration with peers.

End users can effectively organize and manage acquired literature based on relevant data fields for your organization, utilizing the admin-created Global Custom Fields. For instance, you can capture details about the study location, article results, drug dosage information, side effects, or categorization within your organization. This ensures consistent capture of essential information throughout the organization, in accordance with the admin's specifications.

Personal & Shared Folders

Custom Fields created within a folder are readily available for all citations stored in that particular folder, whether they are personal or shared. This simplifies the process of organizing important information and taking notes as users read and annotate their content. Users have the flexibility to capture any data that suits their needs.


Exporting Data to Excel/CSV

This latest enhancement now enables the effortless export of valuable user-created Custom Fields information in both Excel and CSV formats. To simplify this process, we have introduced additional columns to the existing Export functionality.

These new columns will contain the relevant data from the Custom Fields, ensuring a swift and comprehensive export experience. This allows for seamless collaboration and analysis of this valuable information while enhancing your ability to efficiently manage data.


Unprecedented Organization-Wide Literature Management

Users can conveniently switch between their Personal Custom Fields and the Global Custom Fields. This allows users to quickly navigate between their personal preferences and the global settings for a flexible and customizable experience. By default, the personal Custom Fields will be displayed first, if applicable.


  • Alerting Features: Stay Up to Date on Newly Added Items in Shared Folders & Company Shared Folders

Within the past year, we also introduced new alerting capabilities for recently added items in Shared Folders and Company Shared Folders.

Email Notifications

Now, you can receive timely alerts via email whenever your colleagues add new items. We have included separate settings for Personally Shared Folders and Company Shared Folders, giving you the freedom to choose whether you want notifications for one or both folder types. You can even control the frequency of summary emails.

You have two options to choose from for notification frequency: daily or weekly. Simply select the one that best suits your workflow and preferences. Once you have everything set up, you will receive an email containing a concise list of the updated folders, complete with links to easily access their content.

Visual Indicators for New Items

With our new update, you can easily identify new items added to a Shared Folder or Company Shared Folder at a glance. When users add new items through Drag & Drop, saving them, or importing them, the folder's grid view will highlight these items in bold and display a distinctive orange dot for quick recognition.

"Date Added" Column

To further enhance organization and tracking, we have added a new column to the folder's grid view that displays the precise date when a citation was added to that folder. Whether it was added today, 2-4 days ago, a week ago, or even longer, you can now readily keep track of when each item was included.

These valuable additions work together to deliver a streamlined workflow, making organization and collaboration a breeze.

Stay up-to-date and never miss an important update again with these new alerting features.


What’s On the Horizon for 2024?

In 2024, we're thrilled to take our product family to the next level with comprehensive updates, incorporating the capabilities of our recent acquisitions. Our focus is to provide you with a seamless, integrated experience leveraging best-in-class technology. By continuing our work in building the ultimate research platform, we will enhance the product suite's overall functionality, ensuring you have access to the most robust and efficient tools available. 

We will also begin introducing a modular product ecosystem that allows for the flexibility to adapt products and business models to the needs of industry leaders and researchers. These modules will aid research-intensive organizations in streamlining processes and accelerating breakthroughs, supporting the full innovation workflow.

Stay tuned for 2024 - we're excited to support your research journey with these pioneering updates!


Experience the Remarkable Evolution of Our Product Firsthand

At Research Solutions, we are committed to changing the way people discover, access, and manage the information they need for their innovation and research workflows.

Our range of products, trusted by leading corporations, emerging businesses, and prestigious universities, harness the power of AI and Natural Language Processing technologies. Our ultimate aim is to transform data into actionable insights, providing comprehensive and indispensable information to support innovation from conception to realization.

Join us on our journey to transform research technology. Schedule a demo now and witness how our robust solutions can deliver a research experience like no other.

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