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Release Notes

Spring 2024 Updates: Refreshed Appearance, Scite Integration, and More

June 12, 2024

We're excited to share our latest upgrades, designed to enhance your research workflows and provide the best possible research experience. Plus, we're thrilled to announce that we're evolving! Reprints Desk is officially transitioning to Research Solutions. This change marks a significant milestone in our journey to better serve you.

In the coming weeks, alongside our regular product updates, you'll notice updates to our website, logos, colors, and domains. Rest assured, we'll keep you informed every step of the way.

The New Face of Article Galaxy & Article Galaxy References 

  • User Interface Refreshed for Enhanced Design with Same Seamless Experience

We've unveiled exciting enhancements to the Article Galaxy interface. Our sleek, refreshed user interface is designed for seamless navigation, providing a visually stunning and user-friendly experience. We have also extended our platform's new look and feel to include the Article Galaxy References interface.

This update not only familiarizes our users with Scite, but also aids in creating a cohesive user experience across both platforms.

01_User GroupsBanner_NewSkin_03

Article Galaxy Updates

  • Scite Information Featured on the Article Galaxy Homepage

A dedicated section has been added to the Article Galaxy homepage, introducing Scite to our users, enabling them to explore and experience its capabilities firsthand.

We aim to achieve the following benefits for our users:

•    Enhanced Research Discovery: Users can now access Scite’s powerful search and discovery features quickly and easily from Article Galaxy.
•    Evaluate Research: Scite leverages AI to provide insights into the credibility and context of research articles, helping users make informed decisions.
•    Streamlined Workflow: With Scite, users can quickly evaluate the impact and relevance of scientific literature, saving time and effort.

  • Scite Information Featured on the Client Admin Article Galaxy Homepage

In addition to the main homepage, we've also included Scite information directly within the Article Galaxy Admin home page. To provide Admins with easy access to information about Scite, we've introduced the following features:

•    Introduction Snippet: A brief snippet to introduce Admins to Scite and its features. This snippet offers an overview, highlighting the benefits of Scite and encouraging Admins to learn more.
•    Learn More Button: Accompanying the introduction snippet, a Learn More button has been incorporated, offering a convenient way to access further information about Scite. By clicking this button, Admins are directed to the Scite landing page, where they can explore additional details and request a demo if desired.06_Increase of the Drag & Drop file size limit

  • Scite Options Integrated into Article Galaxy’s Main Search Functionality

We've enhanced the "Price & Details" pop-up in Users will now have additional search options in Article Galaxy when searching with terms or keywords, including:

•    Search Across Metadata & Citation Statements on Scite: Logged-in users can now expand their search to include both metadata and citation statements on Scite's platform, offering a broader and more comprehensive search experience.
•    Ask Scite Assistant About Terms or Keywords: Users can leverage the Scite Assistant feature to gain insights and information on specific terms or keywords. This integration enhances the search experience by providing additional context and relevant resources for users logged into Article Galaxy.

By expanding search options and integrating Scite's advanced capabilities, we aim to deliver a more robust and versatile search experience for our users. 

03 1 (1)

  • Scite's Supporting/Contrasting Information Incorporated After Ordering an Article

We have integrated Scite's supporting and contrasting citation information into the Related Articles section following a user's order placement in Article Galaxy.

Integrating Scite's information at key stages in our platform's literature acquisition process provides researchers with a comprehensive view of the scientific landscape surrounding their topics of interest, facilitating deeper understanding, more efficient research, improved decision making, and increased credibility and transparency.

  • Check Availability API Integrated for Scite Users

Our new API integration designed to elevate user experience within Scite, enabling seamless communication between Scite and Article Galaxy to equip Scite users with a deeper understanding of their access privileges to articles of interest within the platform. 

•    Enhanced Article Access Insights: With this integration, Scite users can now gain valuable insights into their access privileges for articles in their field of interest. This includes various access pathways such as PDF Library, Open Access, Subscription, Token, Article Galaxy+, and Purchase/Rent, offering a comprehensive overview of available resources.
•    Streamlined Article Acquisition: While users can view their access status within Scite, direct article acquisition through the platform is not enabled. Instead, users will be directed to Article Galaxy via a dedicated button within Scite when they wish to obtain a specific article.
•    Straightforward Redirection: When users click the "Obtain" button in Scite, they will be redirected to Article Galaxy's designated page to acquire the desired article. This ensures a smooth transition from Scite to Article Galaxy, maintaining continuity in the user journey.

This integration creates a centralized platform for accessing and acquiring relevant articles. By combining the strengths of Scite and Article Galaxy, users can make informed decisions about article acquisition while easily navigating between platforms.

  • Scite Information Added in PDF Reader Related Articles Tab

We've implemented Scite Related Articles in the Related Articles section of the PDF Viewer. This integration brings Scite recommended articles directly into the PDF Viewer, enabling users to conveniently access and explore related research on the topic they're reading about.

This allows for a more thorough understanding of the topic at hand and opens up potential avenues for further exploration and discovery.

  • Re-Use Rights UI Expanded With Intended Use Workflow Additions

We've added a brand-new intended use options in our Re-Use Rights UI:

•    Display in Presentation: This option allows users to verify whether an article can be utilized for Display in a presentation to an external audience. If the re-use right is Granted, users can print or save the details, or request the PDF. In cases where re-use rights are Not Granted, users can submit a query to our staff for further investigation.
•    Text and Data Mining (TDM): This intended use is designed to provide users with a straightforward method to determine their article re-use rights for TDM purposes. TDM rights can be complex, with many publishers restricting this access. Users will receive either a Granted or Not Granted status for this intended use and can place orders when the status is Granted.

AG_01_Re-Use Rights UI

  • ChatGPT Integration Transitioned from Beta to Stable Release

We're thrilled to announce the conclusion of the Beta Phase for our ChatGPT integration. Users can now take advantage of the Stable Release version, offering enhanced functionality and reliability.

•    Article Review Generation: Users can now generate AI-powered reviews of articles, providing concise summaries and insights into the content.
•    Similar Articles: The integration now enables users to discover similar articles based on the content of the original article, facilitating further exploration and research.
•    Author Inquiry: Users have the option to inquire more about the author of the article, gaining insights into their background and expertise.
•    Key Findings and Conclusions: Users can access key findings and conclusions extracted from the article, enabling quick comprehension of important insights.

The transition from Beta to Stable Release signifies a significant milestone in the development of our ChatGPT integration. Throughout the Beta Phase, we've collected valuable feedback from users and incorporated it into the Stable Release version, ensuring a robust and user-friendly experience.

  • Article Rentals For Accounts Configured With Supplemental Material Always Setting

Our enhancement allows users to rent articles even if their account is configured with the Supplemental Material Always setting. This change provides greater flexibility, enabling users to access articles without needing the full PDF download and allowing them to choose the most convenient access method for their needs.

  • Banking & Payment Information for Customer Invoices Updated

We've revamped our invoicing process with updated bank and payment information to ensure customers have the correct details for payments, preventing any potential disruptions or delays. By updating the invoicing instructions and email messages, we facilitate smooth and accurate transactions, maintaining our financial integrity and customer trust.


  • Larger Files Supported for Auto PDF Delivery

For customers who license Auto PDF Delivery for their Tokens and/or Subscriptions, we now use improved software to source PDFs more quickly and handle files up to 30MB.

Article Galaxy References Updates

  • Custom Fields Import Implemented Across Folders

Users can now access and import previously created Custom Fields across different folders, saving time and effort. This new feature enhances productivity by eliminating manual recreation, streamlining workflows, and ensuring consistency across projects.

  • Exact Phrase Search Criteria Incorporated in PDF Library & My Orders

We have further refined our Universal Search feature by incorporating Enhanced Search functionalities. These include Exact Phrase and Any Terms search criteria, as well as the ability to use Title, Author, Journal, and Year parameters. Users can also build search queries using AND/OR Boolean operators, both in the PDF Library results and My Orders results.

This helps researchers quickly locate relevant information across their articles, fine-tune their searches with specific parameters, and efficiently access all their content across Article Galaxy References.

  • Universal Search Feature Enhanced for More Intuitive Reference Searching

We've streamlined the Universal Search functionality with key improvements, including the addition of helpful tooltip text “Search across References” to the search box for clarity.

We also understand that users may want to explore global search capabilities without immediately entering a specific query. So, we've enabled user access to the “Universal Search UI” by clicking the magnifying glass icon, no mandatory search required.

  • Scite information Included In PDF Annotations Viewer Related Articles Tab

We've introduced Scite Related Articles in the Related Articles section of the PDF Annotations Viewer.

The inclusion of Scite recommended articles within the PDF Annotations Viewer allows users to conveniently access and explore articles closely related to the one they are currently reading. This feature ensures consistency and coherence in presenting these recommended articles across both platforms.

  • ChatGPT Functionality Expanded into Article Galaxy References

To ensure consistency and a seamless user experience, we've integrated Article Galaxy's "Looking for More" feature into Article Galaxy References.

This new functionality offers curated questions at the citation level, enhancing research with additional information generated by ChatGPT. Users can explore related questions, gaining deeper insights and valuable content.

  • Article Export Feature Supports Popular Reference Manager Formats

Our upgraded article export feature now allows users to export their ordered articles in popular Reference Manager formats: RIS, BibTeX, Excel, CSV, and RTF.

By supporting these widely-used formats, we ensure seamless integration into existing reference management workflows. This enhancement enables users to share and manage their orders with greater efficiency and ease.

AGR_02_Export the content from My Orders

  • Search Builder Introduced for Article Galaxy References’ Enhanced Search

The implementation of the Search Builder feature for our Enhanced Search functionality significantly improves the user experience by offering a more intuitive and straightforward way to construct search queries.

•    User-Friendly Interface: Selecting this option launches a modal with a query builder interface.
•    Parameter Selection: Users can now select from our existing search parameters within the modal, simplifying the query-building process.

This enhancement streamlines the search process, making it easier for users to find what they’re looking for and narrow down search results more quickly. By aligning the query-building process with our current structure, we facilitate a more efficient and productive approach to Enhanced Search. 


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