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Release Notes

Say hello to Article Galaxy V3.1.0

August 3, 2022

The feature improvements for better findings from start to finish. 

The latest on the platform
At Research Solutions, we know that the research process can be time consuming and sometimes, downright maddening. It's our mission to ensure that Article Galaxy continues to exceed your expectations with every release, and in that spirit we’re thrilled to announce a newly enhanced 3.1.0 version of our platform!

So much to discover: New extensions, admin updates, fixes, and more
Our new V3.1.0 is absolutely packed with new features and functionality that we know you’re going to love. Here are some of the highlights that we know you’ll be most excited about:

  • Chrome Browser extension so that you’ll never again be out of sync with the work you care about. You'll have full document filtering, purchase, and rental options through Article Galaxy no matter where you are in your web citation search. Click here to download!
  • Microsoft Word add-in expansion supercharges all your research findings with the ability to create custom citation styles that your work relies on, directly in your Word doc. Get the add-in now!
  • An added Admin experience that puts Admins firmly in control. You'll love the updates to transaction types in our invoice detail report, and the added ability for Client Admins to reset their Admin password directly within Article Galaxy.

    browser-extensionClick here to see all the Article Galaxy extensions

An improved experience with ordering, filtering, and formatting
Research teams need a strong toolbelt to be productive. Let’s take a closer look into a few of the new tools we’re adding to your toolbelt in this V3.1.0

But that’s not all…
In addition to all of the exciting new features and functionality we’ve already reviewed, we know the devil is always in the details. Which is why we also tackled the most requested bug fixes in this release. These bug fixes include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Fewer clicks for faster ordering: We live in a world where we need information at lightning speed. Which is why this release clears the extra clicks once needed to get your articles after purchase, and now immediately downloads your PDF. Putting your files at your fingertips faster than ever.
  • Focused filtering with Word Add-In: Our integration with Microsoft Word is chalked full of 10,000 citation styles across multiple fields. In the V3.1.0 of our platform we’ve included a Field of Study filter so you can easily find an appropriate writing style in record time.

Great news! Article Galaxy V3.1.0 is available today
Even better news - you don't need to do anything to get these enhancements, your system has automatically been updated with the latest and greatest.

Need help? Our Support Team is here for you.
Our specially trained Support Team is just as excited about this release as we are and is happy to assist you if you run into an issue. Click here to submit a Support ticket.

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