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COVID-19 Research Viewer Gadget: New Features

April 7, 2020

A new version of COVID-19 Research Viewer Gadget is now available to all Article Galaxy users. Adding to the existing COVID-19 article search and interactive map features, the new version includes a ranked list of most requested COVID-19 articles and a consolidated list of dedicated COVID-19 resource sites provided by STM publishers.

Gadget Enhancements

COVID-19 Research Viewer

  • NEW: Popular Articles - a ranked list of the top-100 COVID-19 articles based on article requests across all Article Galaxy customers.
  • NEW: Publisher COVID-19 Sites - a consolidated list of links, providing immediate access to the latest research output on COVID-19 from leading scientific & medical publishers.

Try COVID-19 Research Viewer Gadget now.

COVID-19 Research Viewer - Popular ArticlesPopular Articles

COVID-19 Research Viewer - Publisher COVID-19 SitesPublisher COVID-19 Sites

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