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Release Notes

March Roundup: Collaborative User Groups, Auto-Import Capabilities, and More

April 11, 2024

We are continuously inspired by the dedication and ingenuity of researchers, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and discovery every day. Understanding the unique hurdles you face, we are committed to evolving alongside your needs.

We're excited to share our latest upgrades, focused on improving workflows and offering you an unparalleled research experience.

Fine-Tuning Your Research Process

  • Enhanced Collaboration with Organization-Wide User Groups

Optimize collaboration and productivity across your organization with the ability to create, manage, and share folders with User Groups. By allowing the seamless creation and management of User Groups, we’re empowering users to streamline administrative tasks and communication for a customized experience that better meets the unique needs of different groups within their organization.

Gone are the days of cumbersome sharing processes and disorganized working environments. Sharing content across your team is now faster and more efficient than ever before, allowing you to harness the full potential of collaboration with a single click. 

Simplify your workflow and ensure each team member has the autonomy to contribute more effectively to their collective goals.

01_User Groups01_User Groups

  • Refined Literature Organization Via PDF Auto-Import Capabilities

We're modernizing the way you manage your organization's PDF library in Article Galaxy References. We’ve implemented a new functionality in the Folders and Shared Folders that will scan all records in the folder to verify their ownership by the organization; if confirmed, those PDFs will be automatically imported from the Company's PDF Library.

This Auto-Import capability eliminates the time-consuming step of manually attaching each PDF to their corresponding records if they are already owned by your organization, streamlining the process of organizing your literature.

Users can now benefit from a more productive workflow and focus more time to what truly matters—the research.

04_Ability to Auto-import PDFs04_Ability to Auto-import PDFs

  • Upgraded eSourcing To Optimize Delivery Process of Requested Articles

We have upgraded our article delivery automation (i.e., eSourcing) to deliver PDFs even more quickly and reliably to our users after they place their order in Article Galaxy. By doing so, we're reaffirming our commitment that users will receive the exact information they need, when they need it, without delays or errors.

Our best-in-class article delivery service translates to peace of mind with consistency, productivity, and satisfaction that can be relied upon to support researchers' important work. 

  • Expanded Auto eSource File Size Limit for More Readily Available Resources

With our most recent upgrade, we’ve increased the Auto eSource file size limit up to 30MB.

By bridging the gap between the need for comprehensive research materials and ease of access, this upgrade ensures that our end users can automatically obtain more extensive articles directly through our platform. 

Suggestions to Solutions: Features From Customer Input

  • Improved Accessibility & Convenience through Admin Password Recovery Support

Recognizing the unique email configurations of our diverse user base, we've revamped the Article Galaxy Admin UI to now support email addresses with single-character subdomains. This feature is a game-changer, especially for our users in specific regions or organizations who experienced limitations in the past.

Now, with just a few clicks, every user, irrespective of their email domain particularities, can effortlessly recover their passwords. This upgrade removes a significant barrier to access, as well as reiterates our commitment to providing an inclusive, user-friendly platform that adapts to the needs of our global user community.

05_Password Recovery & Support

  • Increased Drag & Drop File Size Limit for Easier PDF Library Maintenance

With the newly increased file size limit to 50MB for both drag-and-drop and manual uploads, this feature addresses a common challenge: managing large documents.

Administrative Users can now upload larger documents directly to their Company PDF Library, supporting comprehensive reports, extensive research papers, or any extended documentation without the need for compression or splitting files. This enhancement directly contributes to a smoother workflow, enabling Admins to maintain their library with greater ease and less time spent on file management tasks.

Please Note: The 50MB size limit applies to individual PDF files and is not cumulative across multiple documents.

06_Increase of the Drag & Drop file size limit06_Increase of the Drag & Drop file size limit

  • Improved Record-Keeping Capabilities in Price & Details Section Additions

We've enhanced the "Price & Details" pop-up in the "My Orders" section by adding crucial information for users. This update is designed to put essential information at your fingertips to make managing your purchases a breeze:

•    Organization Name
•    Users Name
•    Users Email Address
•    Publisher Name (Related to Ordered Article)

This level of detail not only facilitates easier expense tracking and reimbursement processes but also enables users to maintain accurate and thorough records of their academic or research-related purchases, contributing to a more user-friendly experience.

08_Adding Account & Publisher

Explore Possibilities: Immerse Yourself in Advanced Research Solutions with a Personal Demo

We know seeing is believing! Our team is ready to walk you through each new feature and answer any questions you may have. Schedule your live demo today to see how these new features can specifically benefit you and your team. If you're curious about any of the updates mentioned above, or simply want to see them in action, please don't hesitate to request a demo.

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