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Release Notes

February Roundup: Streamlined Knowledge Management, Enhanced Search Logic, and More

March 13, 2024

The Research Solutions Team knows all too well the distinctive challenges and intricacies researchers encounter every day. Leveraging this expertise, we consistently enhance our platform to empower research teams to lead in their fields.

Here, we unveil our latest advancements in our quest to create the premier research platform, refining innovation workflows and hastening scientific discoveries.

Optimizing Research Processes with Intuitive Platform Enhancements

  • Empowered Decision-Making with Article Rental Upgrade Cost Transparency

We have improved our Article Rentals feature to offer users clearer information on upgrading to the full PDF of the article. Now, when an Article Galaxy user rents an article, they will see the price to buy the PDF within the rental viewer itself, providing clear information upfront. If a user chooses to upgrade their rental, they will receive a prompt indicating the cost to upgrade to the full PDF purchase.

This elevated awareness and transparency around rental upgrades prevents any surprises regarding article upgrade costs and empowers users to make informed decisions that best suit their needs and budget. Additionally, with the option to purchase PDFs directly within the rental viewer, users can effortlessly transition from renting to owning the content, further enhancing their research efficiency and access to vital information.


  • Streamlined Knowledge Management with Fast-Paced Global Search

We have introduced a significant upgrade in Article Galaxy References to enable users to search for their content seamlessly across all folders. This offers a more robust search experience within References, presenting users with a centralized user interface that showcases search results and citation locations.

Users can initiate their search within the left pane menu search box, using common keywords, DOI, PubMed ID, author names, and more. Upon submitting their search, a Global Search will be activated, displaying clickable sections such as:

•    Discovery
•    Company PDF Library
•    My Orders
•    My Folders
•    Shared Folders
•    Company Shared Folders

By equipping users with comprehensive search capabilities, this update allows for efficient retrieval of documents without the need to recall the exact folder where they are stored. The inclusion of collaborative folders facilitates easy access to shared materials and fosters more cohesive, organized work.

01_AGR_Global Search

  • Simplified Document Organization with Custom Fields & Tags in PDF Annotation Viewer

With the augmented functionality of our PDF Annotations Viewer, users can now view and select Custom Fields created for Personal or Shared Folders and Global Custom Fields deployed by Admins directly in the PDF reading environment. This update offers a straightforward approach to document organization without the need to switch between product interfaces. 

Additionally, users can now create and apply Tags directly to the article as they are working on it within the PDF Annotations Viewer, saving them time by tagging citations as they read. Enabling real-time tagging empowers users to quickly extract crucial data points from text. This innovative function offers an improved approach to information management and document classification without interrupting your reading flow.

Tags will be stored and displayed in the respective Folder (Personal or Shared) where the article is located.

Please Note: This PDF Annotations Viewer functionality is only accessible within Personal or Shared folders.

02_AGR_Expanding Annotations Viewer

Crafting Tailored Solutions Aligned with Customer Needs

  • More Efficient Document Discovery with Intuitive Search Behavior

After hearing user feedback, we've fine-tuned the logic behind our "Enhanced Search" feature in Article Galaxy’s PDF Library, as well as Article Galaxy References’ Personal/Shared Folders, PDF Library, and My Orders section.

When users choose enhanced search options such as "Title," "Author," "Journal," or "Year," the search criteria will switch automatically to an "Any Terms" search, so users can more quickly find their desired material.

Furthermore, Our modification ensures that searches yield results even when initial queries are too specific or narrowly defined, meaning users are less likely to face the frustration of zero results. This reduces time spent on search efforts and improves research productivity.

08_AG_AGR_PDF Library Search - Enhance of Search Behavior_BOTH

  • Customized Precision Through Custom Fields Citation Filtering

We have introduced a new functionality in our Article Galaxy References Custom Fields feature: users now have the ability to filter citations based on the unique Custom Fields they have created. 

To begin, users can select the Custom Fields filter option, then choose the desired field from either Personal or Global Folders. Whether inputting specific text or selecting from multiple choices, the process of filtering citations becomes more intuitive and tailored to the organization's focuses and requirements.

With this enhancement, users gain precision in their search, allowing them to pinpoint the information they need among a vast array of scientific content quickly. Users can optimize the use of Custom Fields for more organized knowledge management and reduce time spent manual hunting down valuable information. 


  • Convenient Upload of Larger Files without Any Hassle

We've now upped the file size limit in Article Galaxy References' Drag & Drop feature to 50 MB. Previously, the cap was set at 10 MB, which could be potentially limiting for their larger uploads. 

We're excited that this small, yet impactful, user experience enhancement is going to make life just a little bit easier for our users. It simplifies the process for users needing to upload substantial files, eliminating the need for splitting them into smaller segments or compressing them, which can often lead to additional work or a loss of quality. 

Please Note: The size limit is per file and not cumulative between files.

04_Drag&Drop File Upload- Increasing of File size limit

What’s On the Horizon?

  • Amplified Collaboration Through User Group Distribution

We are dedicated to improving our solutions with your feedback. Therefore, we're excited to share that we're developing a key collaboration feature in Article Galaxy References, taking it to new heights.

Through meticulous planning, we are paving the way for creating User Groups and sharing content from Personal and Shared Folders with these groups.

The upcoming product update to our platform is designed to boost teamwork and streamline team research. Teams will be able to effortlessly distribute valuable information and resources among their created groups enabling researchers to focus more on their work and less on the mechanics of information exchange. In essence, this update is not just about adding a new feature; it's about creating an environment that supports efficient collaboration and more connected outcomes.

  • Elevated Admin Satisfaction for Supplementary Material Delivery

We understand the need for quick, straightforward material delivery, including Supplementary Material. To best address the needs of our admin users, we are updating our platform so Research Solutions specialists can upload the Supplementary Material directly to PDF Libraries when requested.

Our team members will be able to add this material to records that already exist in those PDF Libraries and allow them to create new records in a customer's PDF Library to add both the acquired PDF and the accompanying Supplementary Material.

This augmentation of existing records and creation of new ones on our customers' behalf saves a great deal of time for a once complex and labor-intensive task, clearing the runway for organizations to achieve more.

See For Yourself: An Exceptional Research Experience, Delivered by Advanced Solutions

The Research Solutions Team recognizes the critical need for researchers to streamline their processes in today's era of information overload. With our focus on modernizing research, we provide the technology necessary so researchers can focus on deriving valuable insights to drive breakthroughs.

Are you looking to optimize your research? Schedule a live demo and have your questions addressed by one of our knowledgeable product specialists.

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