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Release Notes

Product Update: Article Galaxy Scholar - SSO Integration and much more

January 28, 2022

In this release, we're introducing a Single Sign On (SSO) authentication enhancement for Article Galaxy Scholar (AGS) platform and an update to the Article Galaxy Scholar (AGS) Management Interface along with some smaller upgrades.

Article Galaxy Scholar - SSO Integration & User Groups Support
The Article Galaxy Scholar (AGS) platform will be enhanced with Single Sign On (SSO) authentication in addition to the existing authentication method option. Users of our AGS platform will no longer need to authenticate via IP address and the submission of their email address. Additionally, our AGS platform will be able to recognize 'User Group' information (e.g. Faculty, Graduate, Undergraduate, etc.) automatically via SSO and determine if that user has the ability to make a purchase within Article Galaxy Scholar. 

AGS Single Sign On (SSO) - System recognizes user and allows them to place order
AGS User Group Configuration - Interface shows how certain groups are allowed to make purchases while others are not allowed

Article Galaxy Scholar Management Interface
The Article Galaxy Scholar (AGS) Management Interface has moved from the Article Galaxy 2.0 platform (Gadget Platform) to the existing Client Admin UI. The moving of this interface retains all of the existing functionality of AGS.

AGS Admin Menu Item in AG Client Admin UI
AGS Main Dashboard in AG Client Admin UI
Minor updates:

  • Update to the Article Galaxy Maintenance Page - This release updates the maintenance page with a modern Article Galaxy logo and message when Article Galaxy is down for maintenance
  • Bibliogo Word Addin Update - Cite Summary - The Cite Summary update for the Bibliogo Word Addin helps streamline the user experience when writing and citing a paper. This new feature allows users to easily see a summary of the citations inserted in the paper they are writing without having to scroll through the entire document to view the various citations.
  • Block Internet Explorer access to Client Admin UI - This update is the final step in completely blocking Internet Explorer (IE) use in Article Galaxy to coincide with Microsoft is shutting down IE completely in the coming months. 



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