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Researcher Live: Webinar Series
A premier resource for researchers across all industries.

Our Researcher Live webinar series brings together experts and thought leaders to share their knowledge and best practices.

In each episode, gain insight into the hottest topics from top professionals in the research field. Learn about the latest trends, uncover new opportunities, and get up-to-date information to help you expand your skill set and stay ahead of the competition.

The Future of Pharmacovigilance: Exploring Automation and AI in Literature Surveillance

Explore the future of Pharmacovigilance and the growing importance of automation in literature surveillance in our on demand webinar featuring Andrew Purchase, Director of Pharmacovigilance Specialized Services and UK QPPV at ICON, and Chris Bendall, Director Product Strategy at Research Solutions. 

They will provide you with key insights on the critical role of literature surveillance in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors, and how automation is revolutionizing the process. 

What you'll learn:  

  • The role of literature surveillance and literature reviewing in pharmaceutical and biotech companies.
  • The benefits of automation in streamlining the literature review process.
  • How ICON is proactively using technology, including Article Galaxy, to automate these processes.
  • A look at the current industry landscape.
  • Future projections for the field, particularly with regard to the integration of automation and AI.
  • The potential impact of Artificial Intelligence on the pharmacovigilance industry, including a showcase of two AI tools that can provide strategic advantages. 

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from industry leaders about the exciting future of pharmacovigilance.

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Empowering Cancer Researchers: Cutting-Edge Tools for Immunotherapy and Discovery

In this on-demand webinar we uncover the most recent breakthroughs and discuss how researchers can leverage innovative tools to streamline the research and development process for new pharmaceutical products in this critical area.

10 Copyright Misconceptions: How to Get it Right in Research and Re-Use

With Springer Nature & Wiley

Do the below statements sound familiar?

  • "The article is labeled Open Access so I can do whatever I want.",
  • "I read an article I really enjoyed so I forwarded it to my entire organization.",
  • "I’m conducting research or teaching, this is fair use."

These are just a few of the misunderstandings that often lead researchers astray in the complex landscape of copyright laws. In our on demand webinar, we dispel these and other common myths, broadening your understanding of copyright compliance.

Strategic Decision-Making: Crafting an Optimal R&D Project Portfolio in Drug Development

Understand how it is critical for shaping long-term corporate strategy, optimizing resource utilization, and buffering against potential risks.

Examining How AI is Transforming Knowledge Discovery

Are you interested in learning how AI can be used for Scientific Knowledge Discovery?

In this on demand webinar, our panel of experts discuss the technologies behind AI (Artificial Intelligence) and explain how they are used in knowledge discovery.

They also talk about use cases that can be tackled with AI, including Search for specific information, discovery of connections between concepts, topics and their authors, topical trend analysis as well as predictive analytics and hypothesis generation.

Enrico Motta, Professor of Knowledge Technologies at The Open University, and Chris Bendall, Director of Product Strategy at Research Solutions, provide insights into how a variety of AI and related technologies (such as NLP, ML, TDM and Knowledge Graphs) can be leveraged to create solutions for these use cases. In addition, they will discuss how Generative AI (Large Language Models eg: ChatGPT) is likely to replace and complement these technologies.


Other On-Demand Episode Replays:

Expat in Pharma: How Challenging the Status Quo Can Ignite Career Growth

Find out how taking the plunge and stepping out of your comfort zone can be beneficial for your career in the pharma industry.

Innovative Ways to Take Charge as a Female Scientist

Empower yourself by learning innovative strategies for taking charge of your career as a female scientist.

From Traditional to Decentralized: Mastering Clinical Trials.

The future of clinical trials is here – decentralized or virtual studies give you the power to reach a larger audience with increased efficiency, cost savings and improved participant engagement.

Unlocking Your Career Potential in Pharma: Personal Insights from an Industry Expert.

In this on-demand webinar Michael Makram Sadek, Medical Advisor at Organon Pharmaceutical shares tips and techniques that helped him make remarkable strides in the industry.

Tecnoflon® Low Temperature FKMs: Benefits vs Common Elastomers.

Learn how fluoroelastomers (FKMs) are different from common elastomers and the benefits they offer when exposed to harsh environments.


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