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On Demand Webinars
ChatGPT for Science

  On Demand
 Two-Part Webinar Series


Sign-Up to watch our ChatGPT for Science webinar series to gain insights into leveraging Generative AI responsibly in research.

This two-part series is designed to equip researchers with the necessary tools and knowledge to effectively utilize AI while maintaining high standards of credibility.

Webinar 1: Navigating Quality Control in ChatGPT: The Power of Research and Citations

Join expert panelists Chris Bendall, Director Product Strategy at Research Solutions, and Josh Nicholson, President at scite, as they discuss how research publications and citations can provide quality control to Large Language Models. 

In this webinar, you will learn how: 

  • Citations helped provide quality control to the early web.
  • Citations have evolved to help evaluate research content. 
  • Citations can play a crucial role with building trust in Large Language Model output.
  • Research Solutions and Publishers can work together to help provide further transparency and trust in LLM’s.

Webinar 2: Behind the Scenes with scite Assistant: A Technical Exploration

Following our discussion on the role of quality control in AI, we turn to Domenic Rosati, Head of Artificial Intelligence at scite, for a deeper understanding scite Assistant.

During this webinar he will:

  • Outline how scite Assistant operates differently from similar kinds of AI, highlighting its distinct approach to information verification.
  • Provide a thorough breakdown of the internal workings of scite Assistant, including the processes behind its source evaluation and credibility scoring.
  • Walk through the user interface to show how users can effectively navigate and utilize the platform to authenticate AI-sourced information.
  • Offer a demonstration to showcase the practical application of the tool's fact-checking abilities.

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chris@300x-8 Chris Bendall
Director Product Strategy at Research Solutions
Josh@300x-8 Josh Nicholson
President at scite
dom@300x-8 Domenic Rosati
Head of Artificial Intelligence at scite


julia-op Julia Heesen | Moderator
Senior Growth Marketing Manager at Research Solutions

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