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There’s No “Right Way” to Access Scholarly Literature

Research Solutions|Marketing Team
Research Solutions|Marketing Team
February 16, 2022
1 min read

The “one-size-fits-all” approach doesn't work for clothing, and it doesn't work for scholarly literature acquisition, either. In both scenarios, the resulting product—whether a pair of pants or a document delivery solution—will be a poor fit for most. Because companies, like people, come in all shapes and sizes. 

A big pharma company with more than 50,000 employees, for example, will have very different article access and knowledge management needs than a startup biotech firm with just a couple dozen team members.

When planning your article acquisition strategy, it's important to figure out matters most to you—and to determine your own criteria for what makes a good fit. The size of your company and number of employees who need to access articles is one thing to consider. But a host of other factors—like your organizational structure, budget, resources, and workflow preferences—are also critically important. 

Is your existing literature access system the best fit for you? 

At Research Solutions, we know that every company has their own unique needs, and we don't expect all of our customers to use our Article Galaxy platform in the same way. Rather than acting solely as a solution provider, we serve as a key partner to provide every customer with precisely the knowledge management system they need—no more, no less. In most cases, that means working within each company's existing frameworks.

Working with each customer, we can help identify the choke points in a workflow, spot the opportunities for improvement, and even expose nodes that might be eliminated altogether. And we can determine the most efficient ways of navigating the ins and outs of specific workflows, engagement models, and procedures—whether they involve departmental or project-based chargebacks, essential integrations, special requirements for user authentication, or desired interfaces and user experiences. 

Whether you seek an end-to-end solution or just need to offload discrete document delivery tasks to offset staff shortages, we'll provide a "just right" solution that works for you. And as your needs evolve, we can always take a little out here, or add a little something extra there. 

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    Research Solutions|Marketing Team


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