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New eBook – Maximizing ROI of Scientific Literature

Research Solutions|Marketing Team
Research Solutions|Marketing Team
December 7, 2023
2 min read

The digital age has brought about an information explosion, impacting literature acquisition in research. This phenomenon, known as 'information overload', presents logistical and financial challenges, inflating costs and straining research budgets. Accessing scientific literature becomes frustrating and costly, while the debate on Open Access and paywalls adds complexity. However, there are simple solutions to maximize the value of research resources and streamline workflows.

In a new eBook released this month, we share indispensable best practices for leveraging top-quality research resources and maximizing the value of scientific literature by saving time and cutting costs.

Our eBook, Maximizing ROI of Scientific Literature: Strategies to Reduce Article Spend & Optimize Your Research Budget, speaks to how research teams can conduct their work more efficiently and effectively by equipping researchers with the tips and tools they need to navigate information overload.

Budgeting in Research & The Impact of Academic Literature Costs

In the world of research, budgeting is more than just number-crunching. It plays a pivotal role in ensuring effective allocation and utilization of resources, paving the way for groundbreaking discoveries. A comprehensive budget is not just a financial roadmap; it is the key to planning, controlling, and monitoring funds for various research tasks.

But budgeting isn't the only factor at play. The accessibility and cost of scientific literature have long been topics of debate, with traditional publishing models often putting important research articles behind subscription paywalls. Open Access publishing challenges this model by making articles freely available. However, this model raises questions about copyright, ownership, and the sustainability of funding.

In this dynamic landscape, researchers face a delicate balancing act. The costs of academic literature can significantly impact research budgets, potentially limiting resources for product development and testing. Yet, investing in literature is crucial in fostering a deeper understanding of the subject matter and potentially unlocking groundbreaking insights.

To navigate these challenges, a balanced approach is needed. Evaluating the intellectual gain against financial implications ensures long-term value for researchers and the scientific community as a whole. 

What You’ll Find in Maximizing ROI of Scientific Literature

The new eBook offers insights on leveraging high-quality research resources and optimizing the value of scientific literature, including:

  • Strategies to minimize expenses on acquiring literature and find the right balance between publisher subscriptions, token packages, open access, individual article purchases, and article rentals
  • Cost-benefit analysis of article spending to ensure investment translates into substantial, long-term value
  • Utilizing analytics to gain deeper insights and make smarter decisions
  • Enhancing research resource allocation by streamlining process efficiency
  • Ways R&D-focused organizations can save money year over year
  • Thoughts on how improved ROI of scientific literature can propel scientific discovery and innovation forward

Get Your Free Copy

Claim your free copy of the eBook today. 

What tools can your organization implement right away to increase the ROI of your research?

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