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How to Use Article Rentals Wisely for Big Cost Savings

Shane Hunt|Chief Customer Success Officer
Shane Hunt|Chief Customer Success Officer
June 4, 2022
1 min read

For big pharma companies and small biotechs alike, it’s important to obtain peer-reviewed journal articles in the most cost-efficient way possible. Doing so, of course, requires strategic planning. 

To minimize your literature acquisition spending, you need to figure out the right balance between publisher subscriptions, token packages, open access, and individual article purchases. And don’t forget about article rentals. 

A common challenge for researchers and scientists is determining whether an article will be relevant for their study. After reading the abstract, for example, they may think the article seems like a good fit—then pay $50 to buy it, only to realize it’s not what they wanted. In such cases, renting the article would have reduced their acquisition cost. 

With rentals, you’ll typically pay about 70% less than the purchase price. After the rental term is up, if you decide you want to buy the article, you can simply upgrade to a full purchase—and the rental fees will be credited toward the purchase price. 

Although rentals can be a cost-saving choice, many companies worry that they may inadvertently rent the same article multiple times—and end up spending more money than if they’d just purchased the paper in the first place. 

At Research Solutions, we’ve developed a simple, smart solution that ensures you never lose money on article rentals.

Duplicate Rental Avoidance is an Article Galaxy Enterprise feature that prevents users within an account from renting the same article multiple times. With this feature enabled, once an article has been rented on a particular account, the option to rent that same article no longer appears. Instead, the user will only see the option to purchase. And once the article has been purchased, the PDF will be available to all users within the account for future use (in accordance with copyright and re-use right terms). 

Rentals: Article Galaxy Use Cases

The data below shows the significant savings organizations of all sizes can achieve, simply by adding article rentals to their literature acquisition mix.

duplicate-avoidance-data 1


The Author

    Shane Hunt|Chief Customer Success Officer

Shane Hunt has 20 years of industry experience and was co-founder of 4 Research Solutions Inc., a boutique information industry start-up that the Company acquired in 2012. He provides leadership resulting in the development of healthy long-term relationships with the Company’s cloud-based software customers, and ensures the daily satisfaction of users across R&D-driven organizations in life sciences, technology and academia worldwide.


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