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How to Move Swiftly from Literature Review to Full-Text Procurement

Lettie Y. Conrad|Product & Publishing Consultant
Lettie Y. Conrad|Product & Publishing Consultant
July 16, 2020
1 min read

Systematic literature reviews are an essential part of scientific, technical, and medical (STM) research. But as any scientist knows, conducting a literature review is a labor-intensive activity that eats up a lot of valuable research time. At Research Solutions, we’ve been working behind the scenes on a platform integration that speeds research efficiency—augmenting automated literature review workflows with on-demand article access.

The integration, which is now live, makes the Article Galaxy document retrieval engine available within DistillerSR, Evidence Partners' industry-leading literature review software. Used globally by the world's leading academic institutions, government bodies, and medical device and pharmaceutical companies, DistillerSR automates and greatly simplifies literature review workflows. The software reduces the time required to accurately screen scientific literature by up to 90%, enables reviewers to produce transparent, reproducible and audit-ready results, and helps them to customize research workflows and protocols to meet individual study requirements.

The availability of Article Galaxy within DistillerSR complements and further streamlines literature review workflows, giving users instant, lowest-cost access to the articles they are reviewing, without leaving the DistillerSR interface.

Watch this 90-second video to see how the integration works, including a combination of DistillerSR and Article Galaxy features that integrate seamlessly to let users:

  • Leverage built-in AI to conduct broader literature reviews in less time
  • Filter for the lowest cost full-text access, including OA and subscriptions
  • Access copyright-compliant literature for reviews in just one click

The DistillerSR workflow engine powered by Evidence Partners enables researchers and regulatory professionals to save time and reduce error rates, delivering complete transparency and reproducibility required in literature reviews. This is particularly important for clinical evaluations and evidence-based reporting in the context of EU-MDR guidelines for medical device companies. With the Article Galaxy integration, DistillerSR users can now save on literature access too, benefiting from bulk access to full-text journal articles screened in the review process.

To learn more about the integration or to sign up for an Article Galaxy account, visit info.reprintsdesk.com/distillerSR

The Author

    Lettie Y. Conrad|Product & Publishing Consultant

Lettie brings nearly 20 years’ experience in scholarly publishing to her diverse portfolio of product research and development projects. She is dedicated to helping information organizations cultivate a user-centered, standards-compliant approach to digital publishing and academic programs. Her expertise lies in optimizing user engagement for content discovery and access of academic content platforms. Previously, Lettie played a key role in establishing the product management program at SAGE Publishing. Currently, Lettie is North American Editor for Learned Publishing, a ‘chef’ with the SSP’s Scholarly Kitchen blog, and Information Science PhD candidate at the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane.


medical information, research, medical devices, distillersr, evidence partners, literature reviews, reference articles, EU MRD regulation, evidence-based reporting, clinical evaluations, EU-MDR

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