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Release Notes

Product Update: Enhancement of the Word Add-In for Bibliogo and much more

March 21, 2022

In this release, we're introducing an enhancement of the Word Add-In for Bibliogo along with some smaller upgrades.

Bibliogo - Word Addin v2.1.3
Continued enhancement of the Word Addin (cite & write) for Bibliogo. Includes the following new features:

  • Hyperlink in-text cites to bibliography entries. Allows users to create links to a specific reference within the paper they are writing. End users will be able to more seamlessly write papers and review what they are writing and which citation(s) it refers to. Additionally, user will be able to convert the paper they are writing to version that they can easily share with their colleagues while maintaining the hyperlinking within the paper.



  • User-customizable paragraph names for the ‘Manage Citations’ citation browser. The Word Addin has been enhanced allowing end users the flexibility to customize the paragraph names when they are managing the citations in the paper they are writing. This enhancement helps end users identify where they entered a citation in the paper, by allowing them to create specific names for the various paragraphs they are writing.


Minor updates:

  • Re-Use Rights - Menu Reload Modification - Users will now be able to seamlessly reload the Article Galaxy Re-Use Rights UI by clicking on the 'Re-Use Rights' menu item during their session in Article Galaxy.

  • Updated Credit Card Instructions in Article Galaxy Widget - When using the Article Galaxy Widget, users will now see clearer instructions on how to add/modify/remove their credit card information.ch.

  • Article Galaxy Widget & Link-outs to Tokens at Publisher Websites - Article Galaxy Widget will now provide direct links to specific articles at publishers websites, for those accounts that prefer their end users access and use 'Tokens' in an unmediated fashion.

  • Introduction of a scite.ai informational 'Splash Page' in Article Galaxy Widget & Bibliogo - created a 'Splash Page' for first time users of the scite.ai badge. When end users are interacting with scite.ai badges via the Article Galaxy Widget and/or Bibliogo, the user will be taken to an Article Galaxy 'Splash Page' letting the user know what scite.ai is, and what they can do with their free access via Article Galaxy.



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