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  • COVID-19 Resources

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Research Solutions is committed to help in the struggle against the COVID-19 pandemic.
While we can’t create a magic-bullet cure, we can make a small contribution to the research community’s global effort. This page offers COVID-19 resources at a glance and consolidates our efforts to support our community.

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Business Operations

We are fully transparent in all of our COVID-19 related initiatives, which are personally led by our CEO. Many of our customers are playing an essential role in dealing with this crisis and we plan to be here to support them. We will maintain business as usual, 24/7, with the exception of delivering print collections.



Research Viewer Gadget

We have built a gadget that provides an up-to-date listing of COVID-19 scientific literature across all publishers, almost 2,000 scientific studies and growing rapidly. 
The gadget is designed using PubMed as a data source and links directly to scientific publisher websites, many of whom have committed to making this literature available free of charge. It also features a global incidence and mortality interactive map. More features are coming soon.

Work-at-Home Resource

Research Solutions has been a “virtual” company for a while now, we even moved out of our main office in 2019 as our final step to becoming completely virtual. We’re happy to share our experience and give feedback and ideas for those customers and partners who want it.

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COVID-19 Articles

Given the myriad of ways COVID-19 literature is being published, and the free access provided by most publishers, we will not charge copyright on articles related to COVID-19, where that is consistent with the publisher’s policy.

Read message by Peter Derycz
President and CEO of Research Solutions