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Full-Text Article Rentals

The Article Galaxy
 platform enables you to make smarter purchasing decisions: you can rent full-text journal articles before buying them. 

Rentals remove the guesswork to provide you with certainty that the published literature you buy is actually what you need. It works from any preferred discovery environment - watch a 60-second video tour for a sample demo.

 Your Benefits Include:

  • Easy 3-day online viewing at a fraction of purchasing costs
  • Optional upgrades with rental fees fully applied to purchase price
  • Participating publishers: Elsevier, Springer, Informa, and more


Not sure if rental is right for you?
Simply test it for yourself and see firsthand how it works. Take advantage of a non-commitment 14-day trial for Article Galaxy for eligible participants.

Request your Article Galaxy account or activate rentals in your account today by filing in the form below: