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Article Galaxy 3.0
Putting Forward What Matters Most to You


Modern, Simplified &
Streamlined User Experience


Improved Order History With Additional Functionality


Improved Search Functionality Across Entire System

We Hear You Loud & Clear!
Less Clicks. Faster Results.

When customers come to Article Galaxy, it’s because of the speed and simplicity of discovering, acquiring, and managing articles. Article Galaxy 3.0 makes things even easier, with a cleaner, more user friendly environment that simplifies and more directly connects users to the papers they want.

Customers already know we help them get the articles they need at the lowest possible cost. Article Galaxy 3.0 enhances this capability by presenting pricing and availability up front and at the article level. The article view has also been upgraded to include additional details, useful information, and relevant tools that takes you beyond a static PDF view.

Article Galaxy 3.0 User Interface

What's New?

Everything you love about Article Galaxy but better.
This new version puts you and your colleagues one step closer to the articles you need.

  • Streamlined 'Article Details' page focusing the users attention, while easing the article acquisition process
  • User-friendly PDF Library with standardized citation formats and improved search functionality
  • Article Galaxy PDF Reader
  • Enhanced order history with instant access to
    previously purchased articles if re-use is permitted
  • Redesigned homepage with simple,
    easy-to-use article search

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FAQ for More Detailed Information

Why the change?

We are enhancing Article Galaxy to streamline and simplify the user experience, while reducing clicks and adding functionality. We want to focus on what matters most to our customers: the discovery, acquisition and management of scientific literature.

Will my company be impacted by this new version and when do we expect this?

The initial rollout of Article Galaxy 3.0 will start in early August of this year. The look and feel of Article Galaxy will change, and the process of ordering articles will be more streamlined, but we promise, this new version will be very easy to understand.

Can I stay in the existing version of Article Galaxy?

Most accounts will transition to Article Galaxy 3.0 beginning August 2021. There will be instances where customers may need to remain on the older version for a bit longer. If you need to remain on your existing version for an extended time, please reach out to your account manager or email

Will there be training for me and my team?

The Research Solutions team will be setting up webinars to provide an overview of Article Galaxy 3.0. We encourage you to attend one of these sessions. Early feedback of the platform has received high marks in usability, and as the goal is to make it simpler, training may not be necessary. But we are here to support you through this transition, so if you would like to receive training or training materials, please reach out to your account manager or contact

Does my sign-in change?

No, your login credentials do not change.

How do I place an order? Or What is the process for placing an order?

With Article Galaxy 3.0, you place orders the same way you always do. You do not need to change anything on your end, we just made the ordering process a bit more seamless.

How do I access Bibliogo?

You will be able to access Bibliogo the same way you always do. The only difference in Article Galaxy 3.0, is we made the Bibliogo link/logo a bit more prominent.

Is the Admin UI changed as well?

For right now, the Admin UI is staying exactly the same.

What do I need to do for my link resolver to work with AG3.0?

You don’t need to do anything. The team at Research Solutions has done the necessary homework to ensure everything works as expected.

What action do I need to take for my web services integration to work with AG3.0?

No action required, everything should work as expected.

I am an academic customer, will this impact me?

Most of our academic customers will not notice a change, because most use our integrations with EBSCO, OCLC Tipasa, ILLiad, Proquest RapidILL, FIZ Autodoc, or a customized order form. For those academic customers that do login to our user interface, things might look a bit different but ordering articles will be easier, and accessing our academic A-Z Collection will be seamless.

I am an Article Galaxy Scholar (AGS) customer, will this impact me?

Article Galaxy 3.0 will not have an impact on our Article Galaxy Scholar (AGS) customers. These customers will remain on our Article Galaxy 2.0 platform for the time being, and they can expect the same great service as always.

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